Friday Fictioneers

We packed up two large dogs, three cats and said goodbye to our daughter leaving for college. We were moving two thousand miles away to Whitehouse, TX. Besides being sad to leave I had no love for TX and wasn’t looking forward to it.

Moving in,the septic tank failed. We called the local business to rescue us. A friendly guy appeared immediately and as he worked he talked. He’s knee deep in the hole, hands full,asking about us. Then he said, I’m the mayor here too.You should come to my restaurant, I make the best hamburgers in town!

100 words


I have to add this is a true story and one of my fondest memories of Texas.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. I seriously have so many mixed feelings right now…I literally made of questions.
    The mayor fixed your septic? Wow! I’m kinda impressed with a leader who leads by example and not afraid to get his hands dirty, so to speak. But, he makes the best hamburgers….lord, I hope he’s washing up first! Hahaha

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