The Secret Keeper #143

He was on the brink, he knew it! Everything laid ahead of him. He was on the road to success. How could he not be? His school years were finally over, his degree was accomplished with honors and his future could only improve. As he gazed into the sky that day he thought of how hard he had worked to be sitting there, just happy, happy with the prospect of an even more rewarding life.

The day started with this feeling as soon as he had called the love of his life, Miranda. Mark loved her more than his mind could fathom, and she felt the same. He had it all, how could he be so lucky? Was it luck she just happened to be in his easiest class so he could steal glances when the instructor droned on? Was it luck she just happened to walk into his favorite coffee shop every afternoon to study? He smiled again. Mark actually had a difficult time lately not to be constantly smiling.

This afternoon they met as usual, even though their studying sessions were now over. Today he had a special gift for her. It had taken courage to ask his mother to part with his grandmother’s ring, but was relieved his mother was thrilled for him and gave it willingly. Mark hoped Miranda would love the ring and say yes to the most important question he would ever ask.

The coffee was served and he was getting nervous. Miranda suspected something like this and wore a beautiful pink flowered sundress and a soft pink ribbon cascaded down the side of her hair. The picture of femininity he thought as he drank in her presence. She smelled of roses and he was mesmerized. Their relationship had grown from attraction to serious commitment on both sides.

Mark fumbled the ring in his pocket, nervously cupping it in his hand. His other hand took hers and he asked her, lovingly, quietly and as she returned his gaze, Miranda could only manage a nod to his question. Her heart moved up to her throat. She couldn’t speak. She thought he loved her this much, but he hadn’t asked yet. She was overwhelmed by emotion. Mark opened his hand and slipped the ring on her finger.

The couple sat there, quiet, too full of emotion to even speak. It is going to be a good life for us, he thought.

Weekly Writing Challenge #143


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