A small question (rant?)

Is everyone else getting these extremely annoying (to me) pop ups about privacy and have to stop and press click and accept, etc, usually a few hundred times and it still stays there and in your way so you can’t read the post? Do you get it reading my blog? If so, how do I get rid of it and should I?



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    1. I don’t think WP is to blame. It’s a new law passed by the EU and if you have people there you want to read in those countries, at least for a while, you have to comply.

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  1. I get ‘em on almost every blog I read, but fortunately once I click “accept,” they don’t pop up anymore on that person’s blog. It’s all about data privacy and if you want people in European Union countries to read you posts, you need to agree to having that message show on your blog.

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  2. It popped up when I came here on my phone and on my computer. I’ll let you know if it does it again. But those are the only 2 electronics I would come here from. And I am getting them on almost everything I go to.

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  3. I have been getting those privacy & cookies popups on everything. Every single blog or website I visit. I have accepted several hundred times and it just keeps coming. there is no choice or option other than to ‘close and accept’ no choice to just exit out. It is quite annoying.

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  4. If you click to accept, you should not see them again, unless you use a different device, use Private Browsing mode or, in some cases, clear your cookies. The warnings may also reappear if changes are made to the website, theme or hosting agreement, or if services such as Google Analytics are added.

    The recent activity is related to the EU’s GDPR regulation going into effect last Friday. GDPR requires that people opt-in to sites which are collecting identifiable information. Even if you don’t think you are collecting this information, WordPress or Google probably are, on your site, so you shoulnd’t disable the warnings.

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