MLMM Tale Weaver 167

It was the warm evening of spring, 1962. My mom had made a diaphanous strapless dress of blue satin with an overlay of white nylon eyelet. She also fashioned a satin wrap for my shoulders. I was so proud to wear it to my first school dance, the Sophomore Hop.

I had hoped to be asked by one certain boy, but was asked by a “friend” first. So we had a nice dinner at his home with other couples and danced all night.

Coming home that evening I had no thoughts about the farewell on the porch steps.

He stepped up above me, being a bit short, and suddenly bent down and kissed me, on the mouth. I was taken aback slightly, thinking of him as a friend, but felt the urge to return the kiss. Arms placed around each other, I remember my wrap falling to the ground. It was everything I had imagined as a first real kiss…ahhhh♡.


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