MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – Red for Marie

Of course she never wanted to be qualified, categorized, labeled, classified, or characterized in any manner whatsoever. Everyone does it, everyone feels like they belong in some group or want to.

It started early on, when a small child, that Marie felt the urge to do what the other children were doing. Acceptance at all cost, the opposite of her present individualism. She joined in, faked happiness, the smiles and laughter as she became one of the popular girls. As she looks back on her youth, a wave of disappointment flows over her. Those emotions were strong, but they don’t control her any longer.

“Why couldn’t I fight? Did I find it easier to go along with them?” Of course she did. Most people do, and grow up wanting to please, be what’s considered the “norm”.

Now older, an accomplished businesswoman, Marie takes pride in herself and the red personality traits shown above stand out in her life more than the others. She is strong, exceptionally passionate, and not afraid to take action to prove her point.

Marie is the picture of the modern woman on the outside. She is an employer’s dream and her efficient manner carries over to her home life. However, she also has red personality traits, and the passionate, emotional side manifests itself in her personal life. She is successful and strong on the outside, while inside, a soft, warm heart emerges when with the love of her life.

Marie is a dark red rose with a silver stem.