FFfAW 3-26-18 Birds’ Eye View

“Is that what they call perspective?”

“I don’t know, sort of looks like it from up here!” Joe Crow had to squawk. He was always joking around with Jack Crow when sitting on the electrical line.

Peering down into the human world, the innovations always amazed them. Now that littering was not enforced as much because of increasing population, they could observe a tasty morsel when the traffic lights changed. The crowd always had a careless eater on the run from lunch and many a good snack would be left behind.

The exacting eyes of the crows spied a bit of leftover food on a park bench easily, but picking up such a vision through a throng of crowded humans was real talent. Joe and Jack would usually share their treasures, but today, the pickings were slim.

In the meantime, they amused themselves observing human behavior. The new “walk” sign perched completely out of human eyesight struck them as particularly funny.


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  1. My understanding is that one thing not being enforced in San Francisco is the public “soiling” of the sidewalks by homeless folks. Apparently (though I haven’t looked it up personally) there’s an online map that shows you were the “poop” is so you can avoid it. Oy.

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