MLMM Photo Challenge 205 – There…kitty, kitty

“Here, kitty kitty. Here, kitty kitty.” Jingles heard the call, waking him from his hourly nap. He was curious as all cats are, but wondering who’s voice that was, it was unfamiliar. He jumped off the bedcovers and started his usual route around the house.

Bedroom clear, moving down the hall, nasty bathroom only used by the litter box crew–time for a change, humans! If you keep me inside, I need to have clean litter! He quickly skipped by that door and into another bedroom. Nope, all’s well here too.

“Here, kitty, kitty. Here kitty kitty.” There it was again, that new voice. Skipping the other bedrooms, he entered the kitchen. His nap restoring his appetite, Jingles perused the floor for anything tasty, never looking up at the shelf. Finding nothing tasty, he leapt onto the kitchen counter, coming face to beak with a large Amazon parrot.

Jingles tried to stop sliding, but his declawed paws had no traction and he collided with the parrot’s beak. Sadly, the bird was also hungry and Jingles’ head was toast. The rest of the cat’s body slumped off onto the floor.

The new addition to the family was satisfied and climbed back to the top of his cage, resuming well known chatter. “Here, kitty, kitty.”


6 thoughts on “MLMM Photo Challenge 205 – There…kitty, kitty

  1. The lesson is to not declaw your pet cats. It’s like cutting off someone’s fingers at the first knuckle, and it is cruel and painful. And it leaves your little kitty defenseless against hungry parrots.

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