Daily Prompt: Fact

It’s a proven fact

The very act

Of saying marriage vows

Does a lot to plow

Those passion filled words

Right into the dirt.


It seems as if there’s some type of rule

That fate steps in, plays you for a fool

The enamored being you wanted as wife

Has now caused you nothing but strife

And then there’s that husband true

Who suddenly sees you as you!


I blame it on the movies and books

Reading the results of romantic looks

Makes you think you’re in a dream

When first love you think you’ve seen

But beware, that passion eases

And then the real life displeases


But this isn’t true for all

My vision might be quite small

I’ve only lived a hundred years

Watched many lovers changing gears

Could say there’s also happiness and cheers

And hope that will assuage your fears.




6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fact

  1. Wonderful. I told my students that as a culture, we do a poor job of teaching what comes after the wedding. People are not prepared for the fact that marriage is hard work, and that daily you have to reconnect with your spouse. Otherwise the dullness of routine hits, and thinking that our happily ever after means that things come naturally without effort on our part leads to disenchantment. Love requires work!

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  2. Through times of sickness
    And in health
    Through shared ambitions
    And shared wealth

    Sharing pleasures
    Sharing pain
    I tried to make it work
    In vain

    She said that I had had
    My day
    Sent me homeless on
    My way

    Now all I ever get
    From her
    Letters from
    They lack compassion
    They lack tact
    She screwed me over
    That’s a fact

    So …

    Into the corner
    I was backed
    A victim of
    The marriage act

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