Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge- Exercise

It is the effort

It is not lack of learning

It is body strength

It is not the will I lost

It’s impetus to complete


14 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge- Exercise


    1. I know you know. Hope to get some sleep tonight. I told Elaine that I can’t get up If I wake up at 2:40 a.m. because my house is a little big and too cold in the middle of the night. Hope the med will help!!

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    2. My apt is small and cold and I relish having no upstairs neighbors at present. But they are redoing it for a new renter so maybe after the first, I’ll have new neighbors. Then let’s hope their schedule is a fairly normal one. I’m enjoying being able to sleep

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    3. I know what it means. I lived in an apt, without knowing, I put my bed against the wall at the same spot the neighbor put his TV and stayed up late watching. I had to knock on his door with my PJ on. 🙂 Wishing you a good neighbor!! 🙂

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