MLMM Wordle #186 – Assumptions

He was always thought to be a cancer in society, always present when not invited, always layogenic, but you could feel his creepiness. He was always lurking, it would not be considered far fetched to assure yourself of that fact and keep vigilant. Rumors of his violent behavior were never suppressed even in what some refer to as polite society.

Some suggested he had autophobia, with his constant lurking, but there were no granite facts to prove this. In fact his kind were rarely social butterflies. He always seemed to be looking at you with a sideways stare, obvious and transparent to everyone. His gaze could drive you to consume copious amounts of calming chamomile tea if that was your drug of choice.

A constant stare from him and your face might bleach white with fear, thinking you might be his next victim. But this is no fairytale and he didn’t really devour Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, or did he?

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