Let it Bleed Challenge 7

She sat there drinking her tenth cup of coffee. Marie was at a loss, just watching her husband. Sadness filled her heart, seeing him trying to complete the repair. She couldn’t stop herself from observing, making sure he was safe, even though she knew it bothered him.

Since Frank returned a broken man, not only in body, but in mind, she was not able to figure out how to be around him. They called and explained everything before he came home. She knew the injuries would be bad, knew he would not adjust easily, but not how to help him.

Frank turned his back on her. He felt her watching him. He knew she loved him, even accepted his new form, but he could not accept it. He felt he was practically useless now, but had to keep trying to accomplish at least one, just one small job he could have done before in a few minutes.

Marie felt she should leave him alone but was afraid he might hurt himself, also what he might do. Other military wives and husbands had been through this but their advice seemed frivolous. Just being there by his side, loving him, was not the answer. She would try again to convince him to seek help.


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  1. It took years for my son David to get himself reasonably together after his service in the Marines. He was a hot smoking mess for a long time but fortunately with a lot of support and counseling, he’s really functional these days. Of course, he did end up getting divorced, but he admits that he was in no mental place to have gotten married anyway. He’s turning out to be a really good Dad, though.

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