SoCS February 24, 2018

Doors have always been interesting to me, the physical doors you can touch and the ones in your mind. A beautiful door can add so much to a home, it’s like the frosting on a cake. We had romantic French doors in our Houston home and they are probably my favorite of all inside doors.

Doors of the mind can be a mirror of your personality, either open or closed, inviting or intimidating, locked or unlocked. I try to keep an open door in all aspects of my life, and since this Prompt is supposed to be a door I opened this week, here’s mine:

I was shopping and an older man appeared in a steam punk outfit. I had to wait beside him temporarily and being me, I had to say something. “I love your hat, actually I love the whole outfit!”

He smiled and replied, “I was stuck on a limb for over forty years but now I can finally wear what I choose. I’m not a biker, but I like the style of this leather jacket…..”

I opened a door, met an interesting person and it made my day. And I know what you’re thinking, but no, I don’t go around picking up men at the mall. 😂


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