Hello World!

I am such a techie…Not! I see blogs or icons and would love to read, but the language is not English and there’s no translate button to click on. Also, I see Gravatar icons with no WP address site, so I’m missing out, folks! I don’t know how to change this myself, so advice welcome. If you leave your icon on my site, please let me have the opportunity to repay your visit, thanks!


3 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. If there is no translate button, right-click on the text and you will see an option “Translate to English.” I am a techno-idiot myself, but I’ve discovered that right-clicking on something will not hurt it and might offer interesting options. Good luck!

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  2. It’s not a techie problem, actually. The blog host him or herself has to upload a translate button for us to click on on the blog or posts. If there is none, we don’t get to read it! Also, if someone leaves only their Gravatar in comments or likes or whatever, it’s up to them to have linked it to their blogsite or website right from their Gravatar page. Unless and until they do so, again, we don’t have any option to view their blog or site.

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