Daily Prompt: Extravagant

I don’t know about you, just about me

Has anyone checked the economy?

I’m on social security, my husband’s and mine

I opened the New Year’s envelope only to spy

An increase of $20, whee!

But along with it came an increased Medicare fee

What I wonder is why it’s deducted

For I also have the bank withdrawal abducted

Along with the extra insurance you need

Which is another bank account bleed

Rent, food, taxes increased, yup

No wonder revolution pops up

I consider myself on an average base

Which all these decreases will erase

Extravagance? I have to laugh

Don’t they separate fact from chaff?


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Extravagant

  1. I laughed until I cried when I got my new SS retirement notice….I get…are you READY??? A whole 2 dollars more per month next year! I am thinking now I can afford those diamonds and that Jaguar I have been drooling upon!

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