Daily Prompt: Miraculous

Family, yes that’s a miraculous situation, being together, healthy, and loving. In this day and age. . .yes that’s what we old people say when we’re about to say something we consider important. . .but I digress😂

We were all out to dinner after three of the fam just donated blood. The conversation led to organ donation. I used to have “organ donor” on my license but after having cancer I was told I couldn’t do that, or donate blood. My husband donated blood all the time but I was guiltily grateful I couldn’t after joining him at the blood bank one time. I was nervous already, but a nurse came out to get me , her uniform covered in blood and I just about fainted from fear. That was a million years ago and now the thought of needles or seeing blood doesn’t bother me at all. However, I have not donated blood. I know some bloggers go through dialysis and I’m sure you are bravely used to the whole process, which is a bit similar to donating plasma. I am proud of all the donors out there.

As the discussion went on I discovered updated information about donations after having cancer. I’ve been researching if I’m able to donate any organs with my medical history and found new facts. For instance, did you know men can donate a testicle for about $30,000? I don’t know why exactly, but I thought that was rather miraculous. I’m going to do more fact finding on my own viable donating, because I am going to be cremated. Organ donation such as bone marrow, part of your liver, a kidney, all save lives. Blood is just the easiest way to save lives with your own body.



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Miraculous

  1. I’d like to donate anything that can be used: muscle, tissue, skin, bones, organs – anything! I won’t need it, and someone else might. A bit of bone-marrow – who knows what they’ll be able to do with that in the not too distant future.
    Maybe – and this is hard for me – if things had been different when my daughter was born, maybe if someone had donated what she needed, maybe life would be different now, maybe I would be sharing her life.

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    1. So sorry to hear that. I think people think it takes something away, as if your spirit needs your whole body for the afterlife if you believe in that. I don’t think that way. I think it’s a wonderful gift only you can give. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

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  2. Well, bless you!! I’m going to be reunited with my tonsils and adenoids someday, but that’ll be it, and there won’t be any glory in it — they were tossed out like trash, lol. I’m taking everything but my wallet with me. (I’d like to say I’ve donated blood, but it was only that once. I hope it went very far, because I couldn’t stand being trapped in a chair by my arm– I need the opportunity to bolt. However, if someone in the fam needs it, I’ll trap myself!)

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