Time to Write – “No”

How many times have you read the letter to Santa and picked up the item before Christmas? Then on the day before, you’re at the mall shopping for last minute things and your child is constantly asking for everything in sight? You’re avoiding the Santa photo because you’ve already granted the wish and it’s too late for a new or different one.

If you’re among the privileged few who are able to grant your child’s Christmas wish, you know what I’m talking about. When your children are little they think Santa’s toy shop has no bounds. As an adult or a child of the “I’m not sure if he’s real, but I’m going to pretend and ask anyway” age, we realize all wishes cannot be granted, but little ones still keep the dream alive.

My advice?😂😳🙄 is to avoid the mall at all costs on the day before Christmas, and I’m not just referring to your wallet. Peace be with you.🎄



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