Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt – Will Time End?

Time passes fast and slow

But I would like to know

Is this always going to be

Is it waiting on me

To forget, just let go

I really want to know

It seems forever since we spoke

Laughed at each other’s jokes

Since I felt your loving touch

Can’t believe it takes so much

Time to stop remembering

And sorrow, never ending

Can’t it stop, this pain

Or will it always be there, remain

Reminding me of what we had

Love and laughter, were so glad

To find each other, although late

Will this time end? I need the date.

7 thoughts on “Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt – Will Time End?

  1. It’s strange my mum is definitely not what I would describe as spiritual but she tells me that she often senses my dad around her. I think that’s lovely they were married 59 years and she strongly believes that they will be together again, as do I. Unfortunately I don’t believe the pain ever goes away completely 🌹

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