SoCS – 12-02-2017

The theme today is cramp. I used to get cramps in my legs at night causing me to never get a good night’s peaceful sleep. Now I hear that word and just think, these numb legs really cramp my style! So be careful what you wish for? Is that the lesson? Is it from the “world or the gods that be” always just around the corner waiting, maybe even lurking? They just want to teach you a lesson? Some days it seems like–don’t get too comfortable because it’s about to change? Any answers, people?

Stream of consciousness revealed.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 2/17


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  1. Calcium and magnesium are opposites. Calcium contracts muscles, while magnesium relaxes them. Look it up? Also I do not recommend magnesium, in pill form. Better is magnesium from kelp, or sea water. Magnesium is a part of salt, that is stripped from sea salt. Magnesium has an affinity for water. I use liquid magnesium. You do not need to take it, per sec. It may be absorbed through the skin. If you wish to do away with cramps? Try it. Cheers Jamie.

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