Linda’s What Day is it Anyway?

Linda of suggests that now being in isolation, without regular go to work days, can pass on our days’ events or non events by posting a diary of sorts. So here goes, and I warn you, Boorrring! I am usually pretty isolated so not a big deal for me. I miss family though.


Woke up, very warm and comfortable at five, stayed in bed till eight, I know, spoiled. It’s so hard to get comfy enough at night to sleep, I take full advantage of sleeping in.

Checked phone, turned off mute, sunny 50+ degrees, yes, spring again with snow on the ground. Enjoying coffee, reading blogs and now it’s already 1:30 in the afternoon!

Wrote a few posts–thanks for reading, sent and viewed a few snapchats with grandkids. Now deciding if I want leftover from last night spaghetti or something new. I’m trying to stretch my fresh food so left salad for another time instead of having it last night with pasta. I usually eat one meal a day around three, so have time.

Decided on making tuna salad before the celery turns. I have half an onion, I need to add them to my list.

Told you, boring. I have laundry to fold. 🙄. Blanket best friends:

13 thoughts on “Linda’s What Day is it Anyway?

  1. I find it hard to think of getting up as early as 8:30. Even before the covid19, I couldn’t get to sleep until around 3 or 4. That means wake up is 10ish. It makes me crazy that everyone seems to think that all of the elderly have the same early bird qualities. Oh, well. At least I have other people in my house that do get up early so as to go to the senior marketing times. By the way, your day is boring to you, but not to us. It is a chance to visit each other and see how others are living through all of this. Hang in there!

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    1. I have the same trouble trying to find sleep but the activity here at the apartments starts at 4 or 5 so I wake up even though it might have only been an hour’s sleep. I sometimes stay in bed longer than 8, I’m by myself and no one to care.

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    2. My friend who lives alone in an apartment complex is going through the same thing. As I was getting ready to shut down at 3AM she sent me an IM. Normally I would let it go, but with earthquakes in her area I peeked at the message. She was chatting with someone in Germany as it was 10:30 AM, I think she said,and I could tell she was wide awake. I would be an awful mess without a good 8 hours. Pain levels seem to increase with lack of sleep for me. I hope you can find a way to get the sleep your body needs. Earplugs? Background sounds to block the neighbors? I’m sure you’ve already tried them. I hope you find your answers.

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