Share Your World – September 25, 2017

“Another op’nin’, another Show 

Another op’nin’, another show 

In Philly, Boston or Baltimoe, 

A chance for stagefolks to say “hello”…”

 Song lyrics written by Cole Porter seemed appropriate today.  Time to get out there and Share Your World with’s weekly quiz, so here we go!  An excerpt of her post below:

My answers:  

1.  My favorite outdoor activity is observation.  I love seeing the sky, trees, hearing voices, birds, animals, smelling flowers or cut grass, hay….. all of it.

2.  Definitely driving.  It’s probably what I miss most of all, being in a chair.  I always loved driving, even on Houston’s I-59!

3.  Well there you go, I would love to be able to drive again, it’s independence personified.  Secondly, that two friends of mine were healthy.  Third, a daily hot fudge sundae!

Inspiration for me this week is again, my daughter.  Her love, strength and resolve is supreme.  I am grateful her medical tests were normal with no problems.  When you have both parents having had cancer, plus a grandparent, you worry.