Picture Prompt 259 – Vision

Julie passed by the old church on her way home as she did every day.  Instead of seeing the mountains and blue sky, she never took her eyes off the blackness of the building.  Those sharp peaked layers with the pinnacle reaching high.  What were those architects thinking–that reaching ever higher would bring the parishioners closer to their god?  How high, how many more layered peaks would it actually take to reach god?  

Julie glanced from the peaks to the cemetery plot adjoining the building.  Apparently those interred didn’t reach high enough.  Their remains are buried deep beneath the peaks.  Did they spend their whole lives faithfully visiting this “design achievement” only to end up buried beneath it?  What reward is this?  

Julie’s family is buried there. Morbid thoughts of the futility of entering this dark structure every week to eventually result in being a part of its landscape.  Julie wasn’t going to let it happen to her.  She finally turned her gaze towards the mountains.



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