Time to Write – Random Words

“Stirring, stirring, my arm is about to fall off!”  Reilly was making fudge with her big sister, but it seemed she was doing all the work. “I thought the goal was to work together.  You know how I hate cooking!”  Sam just kept her attention on her phone.  She was always on her phone or tablet, but was in the mood for fudge, just too lazy to make it.

“Okay, Sam, it’s getting thick, should we get the pan buttered?”  

“Yeah, sure.”

“Sam!  It’s getting too hard, it’s going to set up right in the bowl!  Sam!”

Reilly was trying to get the fudge out, hoping it wasn’t too late to be spread in the pan.  Sam hadn’t buttered the pan but it was too late now.  “Thanks for helping. . .not!”

Sam nodded, “sure” and settled on the couch.  Reilly managed to get the fudge in the pan just in time.  She flopped on the couch next to her sister.  Sam turned off her phone and grinned at Reilly.  Her smile wasn’t returned.  “See, that wasn’t so hard…I knew you could do it by yourself.”

Time To Write: Random Words 5


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