MLMM Wordle 170

There was a little sibling rivalry among the family as to who should have dealings with the producers of their rock opera.  Quite the clamor occurred as the raspberry jam on the morning toast seemed to be the only normalcy of the day.  This all happened around dawn since they had been up all night noisily composing the last scene of the video.

The argument resumed as soon as coffee and toast were consumed by the famished group.  Disagreement about the dungeon scene, whether it should be shot at starlight or in midday.  If midday, they could incorporate the smeltering scenario in the same location.  Unfortunately, the arguing grew increasingly loud and upsetting to the neighbor in the flat below them.  

The neighbor had warned them numerous times to take their noisy shenanigans to their studio or else.  Of course no one paid attention to the old guy, he was considered a bit of a curmudgeon and everyone stayed well out of his way.  It was a surprise to all when he banged loudly on their door.  He was holding a WWII automatic rifle.  “I warned you, now line up against the wall!”  The shocked family did as they were told.  The old man made them pull their shirts up over their eyes.  The group looked like they were expecting a firing squad.  The old man chuckled at their fright. “Now stop this horrible racket, you’re disturbing my goldfish!”  Turning to leave them shaking, and incredulous, the old man calmly walked back to his apartment.


One thought on “MLMM Wordle 170

  1. scribblersdip

    Well done well done – bravo! Most excellent use of the wordle!

    You’ve used the words to great effect and painted quite the vivid image in my mind – I love the twist about the disturbing the peace – of the goldfish – LOL – excellent! And bonus points for using smelter as a verb!

    Thanks for playing the wordle this week 🙂

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