Picture Prompt-248-Despair

Joseph Brown was having an extremely bad day.  His alarm didn’t go off because a thunderstorm had knocked out his electricity. Racing out to his car he found the battery dead so he had to take the bus to work.  There was no shelter at the bus stop and his suit coat was soaked from the storming rain. He tried to call the office to say he was going to be late but there was no cell service in the bus.  

Joseph Brown was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  This day was just the culmination of a month of bad-luck days.  Joseph Brown’s face was wet, not only from the rainstorm, but with tears of frustration.  He was already under scrutiny by his boss and being late today might be the last straw.  Today would be an extra busy day at the insurance company, with power outages all over the city.  Joseph Brown sank his head onto the passenger seat ahead of him, full of despair.



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