FFFAW – July 25, 2017

“Hey! A little help here?” Joe was left alone, stuck in the sand, while his three teenage sons scrambled out of the boat to climb the rocks. “I don’t think I deserve this!  Is this how you kids act when I’ve spent time and money planning this trip?” 

Joe just wanted them to have everything he wanted when he was their age…. Joe was disappointed, but came to realize they probably needed him more than the stuff they asked for.

Joe spends all of his time working, but this is his weekend with the boys. He’s learning the hard way that what goes around, comes around. Away at the office working constantly, he is never home to influence his boys with what they need most–love and attention.


3 thoughts on “FFFAW – July 25, 2017

  1. Great story! It has a great lesson in it. Children needs their parents love and attention more than “things.” Do you need instructions on linking your story to the InLinkz Story Board?

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