The Secret Keeper – 98


She was very young, only ten years old, but had been fascinated by stories of mermaids all of her life. Each year at birthday time, she begged for only one thing, a mermaid suit. When old enough to use the computer, she researched mermaids and found an advertisement for a mermaid suit you could wear like a bathing suit.

Fanny was thrilled, “Here, look at this” as she showed her mother, but was discouraged. Because she didn’t know how to swim, how could she possibly let Fanny enter the water with her legs bound up in a mermaid bathing suit?  

Fanny decided to take the plea to her grandmother, who was always willing to provide her with anything she wanted. Sadly, the same conclusion was reached. It was too dangerous to have a binding suit in the water. Fanny showed them both the videos she saw on the Internet of girls her age and younger swimming easily in their homemade suits. There was even a pattern showing how to sew the mermaid tail.

Fanny’s grandmother finally gave in, telling her to learn to swim and she would provide the dreamed of suit. Her older brother gave her a few lessons since he was a lifeguard at the local pool. Fanny tried her best, but even without the suit, she didn’t seem confident in the water and couldn’t accomplish her goal.

The next year, Fanny decided it was time. She was determined to finish the lessons and learn to swim. After a few weeks, she presented her mother the lesson certificate. With this outcome, Fanny’s mother had no choice but to purchase the mermaid outfit.

Fanny is swimming, finally a happy mermaid.

Weekly Writing Prompt #98


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