MLMM – Fine Dining Kitchen Tricks

It was the constant moaning, even in her sleep. I knew she was in pain and I really did feel badly for her, but the continual mumbling, groaning, was more than I could stand. A few drops of the poppy oil and she could sleep, however fitfully. But I could not.

Every night the same routine, fix her dinner, a few drops in her tea, and soon she would slump in her chair. I was now able to carry her to the bed. The sickness caused so much weight loss she could be lifted easily. She was settled for the night.

I was wide awake and unfortunately her moans could be heard in my own room. The television or music playing, didn’t help. Even with headphones, I seemed to hear them, or was it my imagination? I was so attuned to her noises, maybe I could never hear anything but her, unconsciously complaining.  

She was in constant pain, and I did sympathize, but it started to wear on me. Always afraid to leave, that somehow I’m the only one who can care for her. I remember when I first noticed she was getting worse, it was sad and I vowed to always be there. Now I’m tired. Even saying this to myself, the guilt starts to overwhelm me.

This needs to end. I think she would want it this way, a relief, a final relief. Tonight I will add a new amount of drops. The strength of the opium will quiet her, one last time. I fixed her favorite meal.  She never ate very much, but loved her tea.  I put her to bed as I did every night.  After a while she succumbed to her final rest.

After a few weeks, I took a holiday, feeling free of my once loved burden.  The guilt seemed to subside, and I returned to our home.  I even smiled as I fixed my dinner, anxious to relax, finally free.  Two glasses of wine and I settled in with a book.  I was really concentrating on this new mystery and then I heard it……. moaning.

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  1. Great use of the Sunday writing prompt – thanks for playing this week 🙂

    And you’ve done a wonderful job with the building of the tension, the restlessness of chronic pain, the duel of making promises and then as time wears on, the wearing down of the spirit. The twist at the end – adds a wonderfully chilling aspect – very creative!

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