Blogbattlers – Blur

Evan was not the sort of guy who liked a challenge. His life was ordinary, possibly boring to others, but it suited him. Each day was much like the last, sleep, wake, coffee, get on the bus, work, get on the bus, eat, and sleep. You couldn’t blame him for not being ambitious, it was his family’s history. Evan had few friends, but they were aware of his inability to want more, as they did.

Frank was a friend of Evan. Frank also took the bus and worked at the same factory, but he always wanted more. Frank was adopted into a wealthy family, but left when he was sixteen. He never felt fully accepted, and preferred to be on his own. Leaving under poor circumstances, his family’s wealth didn’t follow, and he ended up barely existing. That is how he became friends with Evan, working at the same boring factory job and barely getting by.

The two men complimented each other in some ways, which turned out to be what led Frank to him. Frank conceived a plan to raid the factory’s office in the off hours of night. He made preparations in the way of starting a trusting friendship with the night guard. He often supplied the guard with a treat on his way out of his shift. As time went on, he engaged him in conversations that led Frank to more knowledge of the guard’s routine. Evan was unaware of this deception, or its goal.

The friendship with the guard was well executed, and getting close enough to him to learn of his background proved convenient. The guard had been in prison for small crimes when he was younger. The lenient, accommodating owner of the factory always thought it best to give second chances. His employment of the guard had proved him right.

Sitting together, eating their homemade lunches, Frank decided it was time to start grooming Evan. He wanted him to be his accomplice in the robbery but without actually participating in the act itself. He wanted to lure Evan with thoughts of how having money could change their lives. Evan never had money but was curious as to Frank’s plans. It was all a pipe dream to Evan, but he enjoyed listening to Frank’s stories.

The day arrived when Frank decided it was time to act on his plan. He had asked  Evan to engage the guard in conversation as Frank slipped past. The guard had no reason to suspect Frank, and kept talking to Evan. Frank sneaked into the office and removed the locked cash box. The box was easy to find and even easier to remove the lock and pocket the week’s profits. He had studied the routine and knew pickup was every Friday night at nine.

Frank pocketed the cash, fixed the lock and put the box back where he found it. Using the excuse of a restroom need, he made sure to make the theft as quick as possible. The guard was still speaking with Evan when Frank came out of the doorway. Frank thanked the guard for letting him in, and joined Evan to catch the bus back home.

Once on the bus, Frank told a new story to Evan, how an adventure was waiting for them. He wanted them both to leave town and travel to another state. Evan wasn’t receptive as Frank thought he would be. They parted ways at the bus stop.  

Frank knew he had to leave and quickly. In a few hours the theft would be discovered and he was probably the last person to enter the building except the guard. Frank boarded the last bus to New York under a different name, newly dyed hair, and sporting a beard. He left no trace in his rented room, also under another name. His plan worked well. He only thought a moment about Evan, was slightly disappointed he didn’t join him, but now Evan was on his own.

Evan slept, woke, took the bus to work as he did every day but Sunday. When he arrived there was a blur of activity, police cars and the night guard he spoke with the day before was sitting in handcuffs.  The factory owner seemed upset and was being questioned by the police.  Evan wondered what was going on, but wasn’t all that interested.  He didn’t want to be late to his section. Only one thing occurred to him, where was Frank?