Daily Prompt:  Moxie

This word has been a favorite of mine. I don’t use it much because along with most words and phrases I write, it shows my age. I’ve been upfront about it, but I don’t like to discourage younger readers.

When growing up, I know, here we go again😉, the idea of moxie for women, was looked down upon. It’s strange to think it, because if anyone had moxie, it was my mother. I suppose because my mother was a strict, bit self righteous woman, she probably grew up thinking it wasn’t “ladylike”.  With four girls to raise and limited time, I suppose rules were rules, and having a daughter with moxie wasn’t advantageous.  I hasten to add that she had four of them, despite her efforts! My childish interpretation of the word as a keen observer, oh yes, the ever watchfulness of a child was, it meant “bad”.

Now “bad” being “good” in today’s world, was then a general term meaning distasteful, wrong, and the opposite of how it’s used today. If you look up moxie today, everyone has a different interpretation, but most agree the first and still used is a cola beverage that reportedly gave you strength, courage and nerve. Sort of an older version of Red Bull?😂

If a woman had moxie back then, she was probably who many women today strive for and are proud to achieve: independence, strength, ability, success, daring, bravery, and confidence. Some women today have those qualities and instead of being frowned upon, they are revered.  So, Helen Reddy, were you drinking Moxie when you sang that song?😂


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