Daily Prompt:  Grit

This is another time the prompt fits perfectly. I’ve been leaving the glass sliding door open for fresh air, leaving the screen shut. This dry windy climate is taking advantage. I would leave the fan on, not using heat or air conditioning but was told by the maintenance guys that action will burn up the motor. Why should the motor care if I don’t want heat or AC, I just want circulation?
As a result, I’ve been letting fresh air come in via the patio which is backed up by a parking lot which forms a corridor from the under construction hill to my door. Sand, dirt, dust all forming a layer of GRIT on my floor and furniture. I need a vacuum with attachments. Blood sucking, powerful attachments.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Grit

  1. Love the imagery here – both your words and the cartoon. I understand the grit all over the place. We had that in our old place as well. Now, we are on the third floor and only have to worry about a very thin layer of dust!


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