Tell Me Something Good – July 10, 2017

This may not seem like much to the general public…..but I’m going to the grocery!  Yea!  Since I’m practically out of detergent, fruit and veggies, it is needed.  I have to add that having a washer and dryer inside my own apartment is a true convenience.  I’ve been the Sudsy Duds route when you have to share those items with the rest of the town, who may or may not have the same aesthetics I do.  And the money…..having the right amount of coins….always made a trip to the bank prewash-day a necessity.  Waiting for the machines to finish in the hot steamy atmosphere always a treat, not bad in the winter.  

There was a grocery store a few hundred feet away, so it was convenient to shop during the thirty or twenty minutes you had between changing machines.  I was still walking then so it was good.  The most fun was being preoccupied during these “outings” if I was babysitting.  Fascination with the machines, how they worked, and especially loading coins in the slots, was a treat for kids. You also arrived home with your clothes etc, folded neatly, ready to put away.  No lazy leaving them in the dryer like I might, just might, admit to happening now.

I guess all in all, the whole experience could be put in the positive column.  It’s good to think of the little things in life to give you a positive boost.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good – July 10, 2017

  1. There ya’ go … every cloud has that silver lining. For years I had my own washer and dryer. Very basic machines courtesy of Kenmore. Bought with my house. They worked okay. I don’t care for dryers anyway. They knock seven bells, out of the clothes. I used my washing line spring until fall. Then a clothes stand through winter. I like ironing. perhaps not so the physical act but the product after. So I would always iron. We still do, iron. Thankfully, my sweetie who would not otherwise do so; looks after me well. So ironed it is. My son does not have either yet. Mother-in-law does. So they take them dirty and get them back cleaned. how’s that for service? Thanks Shiela! Cheers Jamie

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    1. Funny thing I remembered. No dryer either in Houston in July. Newly married wanted to hang clothes out on apartment provided Line. It was in the parking lot. Clothes never dried, stunk of fumes, disaster. Hilarious to think of it now!😂

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    2. That’ll do it … Mine was not Houston, though I visited there in1974. Mine was close by the Canadian wilderness. When married we always had better machines. Moving into my house, I might have changed the machines? Would of had to take down the basement wall to get it out. So, the 30 year old tub it was. Pretty good for an old one. Just stop and go with a variable timer. They just do not make ’em like they used’ta.. Cheers Jamie

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