Alphabet Soup Challenge – L

It’s cloudy, quiet, and as they often do, my thoughts turn to Love.  I’m not laying here resting on a Sunday afternoon curled up against the love of my life.  Those days are gone.  And it was not usually the romantic vision you’re probably thinking of.  It was more like hot, tired, turning on the window air conditioner and watching the current sports on tv.  Sometimes that’s how love turns.  Instead of a passionate “roll in the hay” because the kids are outside,  it’s a comfortable, lazy time, just enjoying being together.  Compromises are made when you have children, someone is sick, or many other life situations that occur everyday to most people.

Love of a partner isn’t the only type I’m thinking of this afternoon.  Family love is so important to me.  Today’s example was my grandson showing up to take me to lunch.  This was a compromise of sorts, since he called last night around nine wanting to go out.  I begged off and suggested today instead.  When we make plans, he always calls it “my day”, doing whatever I want to do or need to do.  This is a high quality love, loving and caring for someone else.


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