SoCS – July 8, 2017

It’s 10:41 PM here so it’s still Saturday.  I guess everyone skipped it this Saturday.  I would have except I’m watching John Wick –no lectures, I like the movie.  Anyway, there was an ad for a new movie starring a woman as the new “007”. 
This is just WRONG!  What are they thinking?  Ian Fleming will be rolling in his grave.


6 thoughts on “SoCS – July 8, 2017

    1. Ok, back home. On iPad, easier to write. I liked Sean Connery best for playing Bond. I also like Daniel Craig. I don’t like the other “slick” looking actors in that roll. Really never cared for RM playing him. I preferred him in the TV series, “The Saint”. The newer 007 movies have stronger women and less (boob action). But I still would rather watch D.C. than a woman playing 007. I do like Scarlett Johansson in the superhero role.

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    2. We’ve all grown up a bit I hope, and I see your point. The women used to be portrayed as airheads but now the women are more equal to 007. But I still think…’s sort of like the remake of Ghostbusters with all women, yuck! The original was clever and had comedians I enjoy in it. New one isn’t for me, like most remakes, I don’t care for them.

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