Share Your World – July 10, 2017

Once again, I am posting cee SHARE YOUR WORLD, the basic part with the questions for us to answer and if you copy and paste the badge either here or from her site, it will show up in the Reader so more people can get to know you!  So jump in, the water is fine.

My answers to Cee’s questions are:

1.  I like to write on rainy days.  I used to bake, or cook.  I remember my mom saying you never make fudge or candy on a rainy day for it will never set up.

2.  Five, only five?  French fries, maple walnut fudge, hot fudge sundae, Palisade peaches, Macintosh Apple.

3.  I don’t drive anymore since my legs don’t work, but we used to take guests anywhere and everywhere when my husband was alive.  He was the most knowledgeable tour guide with a sense of humor you could find in Colorado.  Some favorites of mine are Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Trail Ridge Road, Ouray, Estes Park and any mountain anytime.

4.  My granddaughter, Lawsen.  She is a significant part of my heart, always in a cheerful mood, laughs, dances, sings, and I’m sure we wouldn’t be bored.

I am grateful my grandson received a new ride.  It needs some work, but is in better shape than the red one was. We watched the crashed one being towed away today.  Very sad.  I wonder why we get so attached to “things”?  Pic below.  The new car is a 2006 Ford Taurus, looks like new on the outside, has four doors which is easier when carting me and my chair around.

I am looking forward to an eye appointment.  My new glasses aren’t quite right even when perfectly cleaned.


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