The Secret Keeper – 96

It would appear that an old friend/ relative has a bone to pick with me. I admit I say, write, post what I want wherever I want and let the cards fall where they may. I don’t think I am rude, or distasteful, or disgusting. However, something I post or copy and post so that it might get more exposure may seem all those things to someone else.  

If I read something written or posted that bothers me, I tend to ignore it. I don’t try to discredit their opinion, because it is their right to voice it. I am disappointed in some of their views, but I’m sure they feel the same about mine. I do not publicly criticize or berate, or put ugly emojis on their articles. Part of this is assumed to be cowardly, not wanting to instigate a confrontation. I do think if you disagree it would be preferable to write a message instead of an ugly symbol of your opinion.

This seems to be the norm. Instead of an intelligent criticism or worded reply, we quickly grab the emoji screen and leave a hurried poor comment instead of saying something meaningful. I am guilty of this myself. My excuse is possibly you don’t have the time to read a labored comment, again, so leave a favorite symbol to convey my thoughts. But they don’t really explain my thoughts, do they? I know I have more time than most of the people I follow, whether here, FB, Twitter, or anywhere else. I try to be brief, acknowledge what is written and comment.

As far as the press is concerned, I sometimes repost an article if I think it’s important enough to be read by more people. I don’t sit in front of the television watching news all day. I get my information in bits and pieces. I find it depressing overall to watch or read everything that may or may not be “fake news”. I don’t follow the president on Twitter. I rarely even look at T. The people I follow there are either talented, funny or clever. A few years ago I started posting what I thought were “need to know” based and maybe my followers would read. Probably not. I feel the same applies to FB and even WP.

We in America have the right to say, write and read whatever strikes us at the moment. It is a RIGHT! It does not mean we should use this right in the wrong way. Apparently, the wrong way is interpreted differently, but that is also our right.

Weekly Writing Prompt #96

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  1. I agree with you, Cheryl. Our blogs are spaces where we may express freely. While I don’t mind someone expressing an opinion that is different from the one I express, I will not engage in debate. They are just as entitled to their opinion as I am to mine. I do draw the line, however, at hurtfulness, rudeness, and belligerence. In the case of such comments, I reserve the right to not approve it for publishing in my space. Like you, my intention is never to be offensive. I realize that when stating a strongly held opinion, offense may unintentionally be given. In such cases, I expect that individuals exercise their freedom to move along and spend time at sites more in sync with their own tastes and opinions. Once more, I find myself on your page! 😉 xoxoM

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