Daily Prompt:  Triumph

I’m not here to write of huge accomplishments with this prompt. Ordinary people like me do not have big triumphs in their life. I’m just going to write about everyday victories we all experience in life.  

Personally I feel rewarded if I do something I couldn’t do the day, week, or year, before. If I achieve it with success, I feel good. I am usually happy, but I try to make or say or do something that lets me feel proud to have done it, or someone close to me feel happy or proud of themselves.

Today that tiny bit of happiness comes to myself as I make blueberry pancakes for myself, with bacon. I can almost hear you laughing! That’s great, see? It works. 

It doesn’t have to be climbing a mountain, conquering your fear of speaking in public, or getting that higher position at your office. It’s the little bits of accomplishment, done in small, quiet, or in my case, messy, attempts at anything that can give you the feeling that you have triumphed.


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