Wordle #158 – Misconception

In the corridor’s background the parallel moving walkways spill out their passengers at an even pace.  Having the obvious tendency of never stopping, the even flow insights a desire to step on, as I have, so many times in my life.  A constant smooth ride with no help except the never ending conveyor belt underneath my feet–no effort is made on my part, I just watch from here as the nerve of the world hurries by.  They must have goal oriented destinations in mind.  

They may be living a Mar de coucou life, never revealing themselves completely to anyone, not divulging their inner wishes or strong feelings about even the most remote subject.  Please don’t be surprised by their outwardly mundane appearances.  If they spoke Golem’s Truth and you believed them, you might even be disappointed.

You may live life as I do, in the constant concept of ordinariness, never being seen as extreme, or with extraordinary feelings of a vibrant life.  You may even be awestruck by the seemingly simple, uneventful life I lead.  How is it possible to lead this “grey” life?  In the end, it is all smoke and mirrors.