Share Your World- 6-6-17

Welcome back to SYW in this first week of June!  Thanks to Cee at for giving us this opportunity to answer her questions and learn more about each other.  My answers to this week’s questions are:

1.  My strongest sense is hearing.  I have glasses, losing feeling in my left hand,  but still irritating to my family by asking “what’s that smell?”  The fingers losing feeling was an asset when getting constant blood tests when on Warfarin.  There really is a bright side to everything….well with the exception of T’s speech and twittering.

2.  I have probably been all of the seven dwarves personalities at one time but I think Happy best describes me now.

3.  Instead of picking an age when I was perfectly healthy, busy and engaged in life more, I would say the age I am now, 70.  I have no complaints, really, and love to watch my grandchildren growing up.  

4.  I think the job I enjoyed the most was working in the jewelry department in Wal-mart.  I met a great friend there, and for the most part it was fun.  Now it wouldn’t be as much fun because they no longer let you creatively decorate and announce specials, etc.  I loved the creative part.  Other jobs I look back on as enjoyable and better paid, but not much creativity involved.
I am grateful the girls in the family and I went to the Wonder Woman movie.  Not the one I grew up with, but a great actress and good story.  Can’t leave out Chris Pine’s eyes which are always a special treat.  My grandson picked me up today for ice cream and I heard a new song I liked by Sam Hunt (below). One line in particular about going fifteen in a thirty, I liked! I am looking forward with hope to a lull in the violence and deaths of innocents for London, Paris, and here in the states.

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