I just want to say how sorry I am to the leaders in other countries and their citizens for the things said and/or tweeted by our complete idiot of a president.😔



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  1. It’s important for all of us to understand, especially now, Cheryl, that this government is not representing the values this nation was built on or the majority of its constituents. It plays to a very narrow bandwidth.

    I’m heartened by the level of activism on the local level that the current administration has catalyzed. A great reminder of Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words: “… government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” While Lincoln was willing to pledge his life to that principle, the current occupant of the oval office is not that principled. Therefore, it behooves We The People to carry on persistently, valiantly, and, when necessary, vociferously. 😉 xoxoM


  2. I think what people in other countries do not understand is that this whiny, two -year-old of a president is not just something to “whing on about”. he is systematically taking apart every government office that provides oversight. It is no longer a “we don’t like him so we’re complaining”. It is a matter of preserving the government at this point so that there will be a future.

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  3. Since I don’t follow Mr. Trump or few others on Twitter. I cannot say? Honestly if the other candidate was elected? I think there would be as many negative feelings. It was an election between a catastrophe and a disaster and the disaster, won ….

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  4. Man I am so sick of American’s whining about their bloody leader. It’s about time people get the hell over it, accept he’s the president and live with it. A person may not have voted for him, they may not agree with him but bitching and moaning about it makes that person no better than he is.

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    1. What lesson? How to act like an adult and constantly whinge about the country’s leader? That’s a real lesson in maturity.

      We’ve had incompetent leaders for years, so have many other countries, the last US president was as incompetent as any of them. It’s time to accept theses is a goose in the office and get over it.

      Whinging about who is in the big house is not supporting your country, it’s showing division and hatred, all things peace loving Trump haters claim only comes from ones side.

      Both sides look like gooses on the world stage, it’s about time America realised that.

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    2. I don’t expect a debate. But like my mum used to tell me when I was acting like a spoil brat. “Think of how others view your behaviour and you’ll realise you look sillier to them then they do to you.”

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