Daily Prompt:  Distant

This prompt was timely for me since I felt very distant the last few days. I’ve been away from my home state for 51 years, and that means away from the family I grew up with, three sisters, brother in laws, nieces and nephews. I was very close to all of them, but my husband’s profession took us to Texas. At first the distance was welcomed, new adventure, new life challenge, all the positive aspects you would expect. And then we got off the plane in the middle of the night in July, in Houston……it felt like a heavy wet, hot blanket of air hit me in the face. I thought Vermont humidity was bad, but it was mild compared to living at sea level.  

From there we moved to Colorado, complete opposite, being dry and chilly. But, I digress, 😂, used it again! The miles between me and my “first family” were many, but we drove on every vacation, no matter how limited the time, to visit our relatives.

My three sisters and family members have visited us in return, but being apart at times of trouble, sickness, death, is difficult to deal with. As a recent example, my eldest sister is in the hospital. If I was close I would visit. As it is, my only choice is to email, text, or call. I am very much feeling a distant family member now.



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