Write Anything Wednesday – May 17, 2017

Oh happy day!  I would put a dancing gif here, but I don’t have any idea how!  I am happier today than I’ve been in a long time, because:  My grandson’s MRI (because of his soccer related concussion), came back fine.  He can resume his favorite activity, drumming!  I am so grateful, if I could dance, I would.  Instead, a million hugs for him had to suffice!  We can relax until the next time, for there’s always another crisis around the corner, Murphy’s Law doesn’t stay away long.



3 thoughts on “Write Anything Wednesday – May 17, 2017

  1. Great, glad for you!! Yet remember, ten million others are in agony … I have universal love for you, yet we cannot be complacent. You probably deserve much more than a wheelchair and a bag but you’re obviously a survivor and strong!! Take care … Cheers Jamie.

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