Secret Keeper #85 – Sports’ Injuries

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen was the song playing loudly as the crowd watched the soccer team members readying themselves for the tournament game. The high school spring season of soccer was short in this part of the country, limited by various wet snowstorms soaking the field. Never daunted rays of sunshine quickly dried the fields and slippery grass was the soccer cleats’ friend.  

None of the young student participants were scared to play and show their prowess in the field, no matter what the weather, or field conditions. Armed with the inexperience of youth, they tracked onto the game area with confidence.

The coaches, fully aware of the dangerous conditions were lead on by the officials, themselves also volunteers or low paid participants. The seemingly macho actions of these managers of young men and women’s physical lives tends to be overlooked for “the game”. This subject is a soccer game, but the same holds true for other youth sports. A more dangerous example is football, repeatedly injuring young bodies, without a single reproach from their eager parents.  

I was defeated when trying to find 2016 statistics of sport injuries in schools. In a recent personal event, a grandson suffered a concussion when heading a ball in a high school soccer game. He had a severe headache, and subsequently refereed three separate games. That evening, the headache and vision problems increased. The next morning he was getting ready to eat breakfast and suddenly collapsed with convulsions. A rush to the local hospital emergency room resulted in the diagnosis of a concussion. He was kept and later received an MRI, (magnetic resonance imaging) test. Today he received the results of this test. I am happy and very thankful that he is fine and can resume his favorite activity, playing the drums.

I personally feel we “lucked out” with this happening. Other children are not so fortunate. As parents and grandparents we need to be aware of symptoms, and discourage the use of techniques and practices that can harm our children. Over eager, sometimes only goal oriented, parents out for the win only, put their children in danger. The same holds true for the keepers of our children, as managers, coaches, and trainers. 3-500 words


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  1. So pleased that your grandson is alright, sport do have a lot of injuries, in NZ they are very good with this problem, thank goodness, my three boys all played rugby for years and are all healthy men. Here to the future of sports, it’s good exercise for all, helps to keep the overweight child fit, better than sitting down all day doing nothing, also stops them from getting into trouble with all the modern day problems.

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