Stories By 5 – Depression

She looked out at the night.  The freezing temperatures prevented the snow from falling, but tiny ice crystals formed on her surroundings, reflecting the the park lights.  Soon the icy etchings would fill her window.  It was cold, but beautiful, reminiscent of her life love, Wolfe.  She was waiting for him to return.  She was used to these solo trips of his, and ultimately, it was the best for both of them.

Wolfe wasn’t always cool and distant.  Some of the time he was charming and entertaining, but there was a dark side to him.  She knew his past, knew what he felt badly about, people he hurt.  Knowing this however, never changed her mind about him. She fell in love quickly and as time went on, her love became passion and even obsession.  They met on a whim, a double date with her sister.  Her sister asked her to go, for Layna had been unwell, now recovered.  Layna was a lonely forty year old woman.  She had never married and her sister was trying to help her meet someone.  

The evening of the date, Layna did her best to look attractive and eager to meet someone.  In her heart she was nervous and not expecting anything, especially what happened.  As they entered the restaurant, Layna’s eyes suddenly saw Wolfe.  She was instantly attracted, her blushing smile betrayed her feelings, and Wolfe took it all in.  He was handsome with a grayish beard and the most beautiful blue eyes.  He looked at Layna and was surprised by the feeling that hit him immediately.

The night was a success and Wolfe and Layna were never apart for long after their first meeting.  They became constant companions, but there was always something there, an uncomfortable presence that Layna didn’t understand.  Whatever it was didn’t matter to her, there was an undeniable connection between them.

After a few months, they were to be married.  The night before the wedding, Wolfe told her of his past and how ashamed he was. Layna preferred to think only of the man he was now, a changed person.  After the wedding, they were inseparable.  They mostly kept to themselves and everyone thought they were just honeymooning.  The truth was they needed no one else and because Wolfe preferred it. They were devoted to each other and didn’t really care for parties or other social gatherings.  After a while, Layna’s sister became worried that they were always avoiding the family.

Wolfe suffered from depression. He could hide it most of the time, and only Layna knew him well.  He was not outgoing, but if the rare occasion arose, he could convincingly be the life of the party. Their love didn’t change, nor their commitment to each other.  The depression certainly affected their lives, but their true relationship and undying love kept them together. Their life was not perfect, but their love for each other was.


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  1. I found this very moving and very personal. It brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I both have our issues. He has Depression and Aspergers Syndrome and I have a number of issues related to severe childhood trauma we have a relationship quite close to this one.

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