Daily Prompt:  Hospitality

Hospitality doesn’t always have to be presented by a person.  The first thought that came to me was a flower shop.  It’s one of my favorite places and the minute you step in you are immediately surrounded by color, scents, flowers of course, and plants.  It is almost overwhelming, because there is a myriad of scent related items, candles, gifts, cards, and notes.  Some flower shops offer fruit and spice flavored teas, as well as pots and vases, cups, and more to hold your favorite blooms.  Whatever delights you seek of this kind, you will find in this treasure house.  Enjoy the hospitality.



8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Hospitality

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  2. Strangely or not? My dentist’s office is above a lovely flower shop. You access the elevator, from the rear of their shop. So coming and leaving is a blast. Makes up for the interlude of rude dental orifice opening. Cheers Jamie

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