Tale Weaver-119  What if Time Travel Does Exist?

What if time travel does exist?  Would you choose to go forward or back?  If you could not choose a specific date or year, would your choice be the same?

James met the love of his life in 1960.  They were partners in a research project involving time travel.  Of course the idea was unprovable then, but both he and his fiancé were fascinated by the idea.  Dr. Avery assured them it was possible and encouraged them to be accepting of his theories.  At this unfortunate time frame, the Vietnam War was calling in young men to join the armed forces.  James decided it was his duty and joined, only to be sent overseas a few weeks later, just before Christmas.

Mary continued working with Dr. Avery and tried to lose herself in his intriguing research.  Six months later they received a notice that James had been captured and killed.  These reports were not always accurate, but the saddened pair decided to throw themselves into their work to masque their grief.

In the meantime their experiments continued to be exceedingly successful.  A few animal participants survived the trials and Dr. Avery was ready to pursue the dream himself.  With the help of Mary, he completed a short day trip from the present to the following day.  When he returned, all seemed normal and they celebrated their success.

That evening as Mary mulled over the absence of her fiancé she thought she might be able to save him.  If he never joined the Army, he wouldn’t have been killed in combat.  She didn’t sleep much and decided to ask Dr, Avery if he thought it would be possible to go back and change James’s decision.

The doctor explained to Mary that if she could travel back to that exact time, there would be no guarantee that she’d be able to convince James not to go.  He also warned her she could not tell James why she was so adamant in him not joining the service.  They tried to think of a solution that would work to James’s advantage. Dr. Avery didn’t believe they could safely complete the idea.  There were too many unanswered questions that would take time, possibly years to figure out.

Mary tossed and turned for many more nights and then made her decision.  She let herself in to the laboratory while the doctor was still at home.  She prepared the apparatus for the year 1960 to join James, and climbed in.  As soon as it started, she was shaken and passed out.  When she woke she did not recognize her surroundings.  She seemed to be surrounded by a bubble-like film where she could see everything, but no one about could see her or the time machine.  She looked around and could  see small,  greenish structures, as if in a dream.  She desperately rubbed her eyes, trying to find James.  She heard a deafening shot and  suddenly realized where she was.  Vietnam, December, 1960. James’s body lay before her, she was too late.


6 thoughts on “Tale Weaver-119  What if Time Travel Does Exist?

  1. Excellent pondering on what if — time travel has always fascinated me. Your twist at the end is heart-breaking! What we do for love, and the what ifs it can conjure.
    Thanks for participating.

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  2. Awww the ending 😓 too late to save him. I wonder if she ever regret going back.

    If time travel exist maybe ill chose to go back… I feel like ill be terrified to see my future 😊

    Great Piece 💕💕

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