Picture Prompt-137-Smoke Signal

It was dark, but he hoped the smoke signal would alert passersby. He needed help. A broken engine, a lost anchor, and a leaking boat — triple threat to your survival out here. He only had time to grab the flares and the life jacket before the old girl sank. This island was uninhabited, so he needed to get help fast. No fresh water or food supplies with him, for it was all being consumed by the bottom feeders by now.

The whole adventure went wrong. It was if there was some type of curse! First his friend decided he couldn’t make the trip. Then the old boat was thought to be seaworthy and ended up having the engine fail. Trying to repair a newly discovered leak, the rope for the anchor must have been rotted through, so he started drifting. Was it a curse, poor planning, or a little of both?

He kept waving the smoke signal, hoping for rescue.



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