FFFPP – Week 20 – The Tree

It was the everyday vision it got to see. Getting taller every year, the tree was now able to see inside the building. The window was not too large, but there was constant activity behind it. The college classroom was always busy with students, sometimes just sitting. Teachers, instructors would often open or close the window and look outside. That’s what it liked best –the pause of their movements so it could observe the real person. And there were always those special moments when the people looked from within to gaze upon the young sapling. It enjoyed that time immensely. It was a quiet communication that the tree did not take for granted. 

The window was of course not all the tree could see. The people would occasionally sit near it and eat their lunch, or do their homework. Naps on its surrounding grassy area were also fun to observe. Delightful views of young lovers, stealing kisses as they sat nearby, amused the tree.  

Thinking of the future, the tree wondered if his branches would grow strong enough to hold a child. It was growing fast, and looking forward to many new adventures coming.