FFFPP – Week 19 – Waiting

Leaning against the (getaway) car, he was not getting disheartened. How could he? She loved him and they planned this escape together. It WAS an escape, from parents, school, their being apart. They loved each other despite the discouraging remarks of their parents, their peers. The others could not understand how strong a connection they felt, how much they needed to be together. They tried to prevent this relationship, tried to separate them.  If they could not accept he had to be with her, then this was the only way.

As he anxiously waited, he wondered why, besides his age, that they were so adamant in keeping them apart. Was it the parents’ own relationship, unrequited love, or disappointment in life in general, that made them think we couldn’t achieve what they so badly desired? We were going to try. We had to try.  

He looked up to see her running toward him, her face full of joy and expectation. His eyes filled with tears, revealing a sense of relief. They hugged, a tight, needful embrace, full of hope, signifying a new beginning, and a realization of their young dreams.


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