100 Word Wednesday -View

Slightly off

A bit construed

A panorama of 

A city viewed

An image curved

The camera swerved

Reflection observed

A sight preserved

For eternity

Of humanity

Their goals

And molds

Of urban life

Without wildlife.

Is this the dream

Modern intent?

No landscape stream

Only cement

Creation’s rules

Made a fool?

We need to school

To respect this jewel

The natural earth

Respect it’s worth

Give ideas new birth

Seek heaven’s mirth.

Difficult, you muse

To change one’s weathered views

Be vigilant in what you choose

How you live, what you use.

There is an answer

And it is you.


17 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday -View

    1. Sorry for barging in here. I was once commiserating with a friend about this very thing. He turned and said, ” All the people of the world could live quite easily, in the State of Texas”, which was a real eye opener for me. So, Janebasilblog, please retain some optimism. We are at the edge of Satyug. The golden age. This version of Kaliyug is coming to end. All the people are blessed, for being here at this time. For we have the opportunity to witness and bring it into fruition. It will not be easy but it is coming. It is always darkest before the dawn … Cheers Jamie.

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    2. You’re very welcome to barge in, Jamie, especially as you have something positive to say.
      Your faith is infectious. I’ve just briefly researched Satyug – I’d never heard of it.

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    3. Thank you, janebasilblog, Faith? Now that’s interesting. For faith to me. is people clinging to comparatively un-factual notions. Belief, without seeing.

      This has been laid down by many people, over a long time. All I see myself doing is introducing those facts, repeating and passing along. So others may be cheered and not be overwhelmed by the dark forces. The ancient peoples used to live with nights full of stars in the heavens above us. Their following and the astronomy recorded, comes down to us today. Example; The Mayans had many calendars. One of which in 2012 was the belief by the world in general. that the world would end. Instead the calendar just ticked over for the next 5200 years or so. The way our solar system is, in reference to the Milky Way and the dark hole driving it. Means we are currently passing the “Great Divide”. Where the influence of that black hole, that is in the centre of MW, is at a maximum influence on us. Like a small boat crossing an ocean. We are beginning to reach the other side and the shelter of the stars that will come between the hole and us. 2020 to 2022 should see it better since the start of this crossing. It’s not definitive. For the cosmos moves slowly compared to homo sapiens. That was what that calendar was marking. The end of the old age.

      Both of you, Rugby843 and janebasilblog have obviously been through life’s wringer. I feel for you both. Cheers Jamie

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