Share Your World- May 1, 2017

Sorry about that earlier morning rant when it was supposed to be tell me something good.  But after texts and phone calls ringing, I showered and have a new attitude.  Well, somewhat.  But hey, a new month, a new week to endure our (ahem) president’s marvelous decisions, so here we go!  Life is an adventure, right?  A good adventure?  (Bad word) yeah!  And it’s not the one you’re thinking!😂 is here again with her ever extrapolatory  questions, and here are my answers:

1.  I would prefer to live in a cold climate.  There are several fascinating reasons for this.  A.  I’m not a bathing beauty.  B.  Wheelchairs don’t do well in sand or rocky coasts.  C.  Being a redhead, I don’t do tan.  D.  I like fireplaces, mountains, cuddling in front of a fire, and don’t forget the marshmallows!


2.  I have long hair, have had the 1960’s pixie cut, and everything in between.  To me long hair takes a lot less curling, fixing, etc, so I prefer it.  And it’s healthier now that I use no products except shampoo.

3.  Favorite month of the year is a tough one.  I guess it would be October when leaves are beautifully painted by Mother Nature.

4.  I can read till the cows come home but I need to be shown how to do something if it’s mechanical.  No comments, L!😂

I am very grateful that my (freshman year of college completed) granddaughter will be coming home Friday.  Can’t believe how fast that went.  Her older sister completed her junior year, yea! Bricks, I need bricks for all their heads!
I am looking forward to summer vacation for all the kids coming up soon.


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